Some background...
Now here is a bit of personal nostalgia:
My first experiences in motoring, started in the mid-seventies, when some friends of mine bought their first mopeds and allowed me to try these noisy little bees myself.
Soon, I just had to have one too and more than thirty years - and several machines later - it' s time to put some pictures and text on this ever growing World Wide Web.

Sadly, I don' t have pictures of all the machines I ever owned, but names like Puch, Zundapp, Victoria, Aermacchi, Ducati, Honda, NSU, Triumph, ... may ring a bell.
There were also frequently lots of bikes from friends for repair in my shed, so I think I did get some experience in taking those old thumpers back on the road again.
Among those were Saroléa, Gillet, Monet-Goyon, Motobécane, FN, Horex, BSA, Matchless, Moto Guzzi, Ducati and a bunch of other makes and - apart from the odd Japanese machine every now and then - the vast majority was of the older European variety...
Victoria V99
The first " motorcycle " I bought for my 17th birthday: a 1951 98cc Victoria V99 BL " FIX " - including the pudding basin helmet that came with it.
This bike is owned by my brother these days.
Aermacchi 350 Scrambler
Here' s one of two Aermacchi machines I owned in the early eighties. It is a 1974 350SX, while the other was a 350SS Scrambler. Fun, but pretty heavy for off-road use.
In the background is a CB 450 I used for a while.
One of several machines brought in by friends for repair: a mid- twenties' 150cc Villiers- powered Monet - Goyon. Its ageing ignition system failed to spark and I machined the flywheel backplate to accept a more modern condenser, what did the trick and after adjusting the carburettor, the bike ran happily again...
Yes, that strange bloke wearing a pudding basin and leather jacket (!), is me posing on the early fifties 600cc Saroléa S6 I had a short love affair with. The 1956 NSU Prima dates the picture. I bought this scooter in early 1982, restored it, took it to a few rallies and sold it later that year...
One of the machines I owned and rode for a long time, was a 1976 750cc Triumph Bonneville. Lack of funds for a badly needed complete rebuild and little mileage over those last few years - plus some family expansion - was reason enough to sell the bike that had been with me for about 13 years.
The only motorized two-wheeler left after selling the Triumph, was a little 38cc Victoria- powered bicycle in my cellar, but my motorcycling days seemed to have come to an end.

As I did have some older cars as well, my interest focused on cars from then on...

1993 and my daughter trying the Bonneville for size...

Originally an export model ( small fuel tank and higher bars ), I converted this Triumph to some sort of caféracer with Duralumin fork yokes of my own design and homemade rearsets.
It made this bike much more comfortable and fun to ride...
... But then, almost ten years later, I was offered a very tired 1967 BSA B40 WD. For FREE !
It was in need of a total restoration and it took me almost two years to rebuild, but in April 2007, it fired up on first kick.
Mmmm... my motorcycling days were NOT over yet !

Also during 2007, I was asked to participate in the creation of a book on Belgian Motorcycles. More about that

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Below: My current mount is this ex- military ( WD stands for " War Department " ) BSA B40 WD as it is today.
It is used throughout the year for the purpose it was built for: riding it.