Consolidated Vultee Aircraft PBY-5a Catalina
Registration: G-BLSC
Serial Number: Bu46633
Engine: 2 x Wright Aeronautical Corp 1700hp Cyclone R-2600-35
Year: 1944
The PBY-5a was developed from the earlier PBY-4 Flying Boat by installing a tricycle landing gear (thus converting it into an amphibian) and other changes, and was first flown in 1939.
The example shown, is seen here in RAF Coastal Command colours as JV928/Y of 210 Squadron
Sadly, this particular machine crashed in July 1998 on Southampton Water, killing two of its occupants.
It is now undergoing extensive restoration at Lee-on-Solent airfield in Hampshire.

Photographed in 1992 at EBAW ( flying ) and EBZR ( static ).