Welcome to the Aeroplane Picture Shop .

If you saw a picture you like, You can buy a license to use images on your own website, in your magazine, book, or just for a personal print in your scrapbook...

Now as this site is still under construction, it will take some time before this shop is up and running.
If you need a picture now, then please contact me by
clicking here.
A / For use on your website:
  • picture size: 500 x 312 pixels, high quality JPEG
  • picture must show copyright notice
  • price: personal site:10,00€ , commercial site : 25€
B / For one non- commercial personal print only:
  • picture size ca. 1500 x 1000 pixels, high quality JPEG
  • ( approx. to postcard 15 x 10 cm pro- quality )
  • picture must show copyright notice
  • price: 15,00€
C / For commercial use in magazine or book:
  • picture size ca. 2000 x 1300 pixels, TIFF
  • copyright notice within 1 cm of picture
  • edition: unlimited
  • price 75,00€
The pictures below show some examples.

Version A is shown full scale at 72ppi, version B is seen at 72ppi screen-resolution as well and shows some of its detail, as is version C.
Version A comes with a copyright notice as shown below, while version B has the logo as seen here at right and is placed in the below left or right corner of the image, but with transparent background .
Version C has no copyright notice on the image itself, but “ Photo ©2009 Peter Lembrechts " must be printed within 2 cm from the image in at least 9 point text.