Prototype Parade

While looking for information in some old magazines, I found some interesting articles.
Checking the internet, revealed that the machines are nearly forgotten these days, so here is my little contribution by putting this info online.

Enjoy !
The source of these pictures and info, were some old wartime “Luchtvaart in Beeld" - magazines, printed in occupied Belgium.
Most articles were aimed at the model maker, but there' s also some articles for DIY home built- aircraft and news from aircraft manufacturers.
This magazine was only published during 1943 and 1944 and focused mainly on aircraft produced by the German war machine.
Maybe that' s why it wasn' t continued after the war...

However, there' s some interesting articles on other aircraft as well, so here we go:

Max Holste S.25
The cover of the April 1944 edition shows a single seat sports-aircraft by French designer Max Holste.
Max Holste S.25
J-BBFI Tokyo Imperial University LB-2 18.12.1939