This website shows a collection of photographs I shot since the mid- 1980' s at various airfields in Belgium, but mostly at the small Schaffen- Diest - airstrip (EBDT) during the annual Oldtimer- Fly ins, at the airport of Deurne- Antwerp (EBAW) during the Stampe- days and also at the Oostmalle airstrip (EBZR).
Now it´s not that easy to put these airplanes into particular sections, as many models were produced in civilian and military versions and biplanes have been built alongside monoplanes from the early days until now...
The only option to make it well- organized, was to put them on some time- line, so I made three sections: up to 1939, 1939 - 45 and from 1946 onwards .

Now this site is NOT a showcase of my photography skills - not at all. It' s just a collection of pictures of one of my (too many ?) interests: piston- engined aeroplanes.
While there' s no use having all those pictures stuffed away in boxes or scattered over DVD' s, this site was built so others could enjoy them as well.

Many of these photographs were made using old ( 1960' s ) analogue SLR camera' s and matching lenses.
Not that these cameras were bad of course - far from that - but the photographs and negatives have deteriorated badly over time ( certainly those made during the late ninetees and the early years of the 21st century ... ).
As the first incarnation of this site was done using an early 300dpi colour scanner, a lot of the images looked rather terrible, so I started to rescan all on a recent flatbed scanner with good support for scanning negatives.
As this is a slow process - not to mention cleaning the scans afterwards - it will take a long time to update this site, so ,
currently, this website only shows a very limited amount of pictures that will be available in the near future ...
( For a short while, the old website is still
available here )

Going Digital at last...
In 2005 - fed up with bad quality film- and photo processing by the photo-labs - I bought my first Digital SLR. No need to tell you I won' t go back ...
Anyway, this has made this photo-collection grow steadily over the past few years and now I have hundreds of pictures waiting to be put online.
The image above shows what the result will look like.
The small one on top is an original picture as seen on the old website and underneath is the same - restored - photograph.
This example is shown here at a reduced size, but you' ll get an idea by looking at the large ( digitally shot ) image below, shown at the full 800 x 500 pixels...

Need some pictures ? Come shopping ...
Over the years, I have seen some of my pictures being used on other websites - without asking me...
All images on this site are copyrighted by me and have a large “Dragon Airways" watermark.
It is illegal to use any of these images without my knowledge and it can be quite expensive when caught... BUT, I am also working on an
online shop, where you can buy a license to use any of these pictures on your website, in a magazine, a book, ... so come back and have a look at it pretty soon.